The Challenge

In order to draw guests from outside their market base and fill rooms year round, Jay Peak needed to find a way to diversify their offerings and become a true resort destination. To do this, they partnered with ADG to design and build an indoor waterpark, to cement Jay Peak’s reputation as a 365-day destination and to create attractions that enhance the brand and extend guest expectations.

Jay Peak_FlowRider

The Solution

The state-of-the-art, 50,000 sf indoor waterpark was the first in Vermont’s history. Theming throughout the park enhances the Jay Peak brand and carries over into relaxing lagoons and family-friendly waterplay areas, as well as thrill rides that match their reputation for rugged fun. The “Double Barrel” FlowRider® invites guests to test their boarding skills indoors and “La Chute”, the only indoor 60 ft free-fall body slide, thrills riders at speeds up to 45 mph as they shoot straight downhill. An Adventure River, the longest indoor river in the U.S., powered by ADG’s WaveTek™ Wave Generation technology to keep the fun flowing.

Jay Peak_Active Play Area

The Result

A 120% increase in lodging business for available units, rooms and condos upon completion of the indoor waterpark! Once known as a small, local mountain, Jay Peak has become a year-round entertainment destination, drawing skiers, families and businesses from NY to New England and Quebec.

Jay Peak_Active Play Area

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