Thinking Beyond the Edge of the Pool.


ADG’s InDepth™ process looks beyond the water’s edge to address your project as a whole, providing smart solutions that achieve the real results you want.

Our Approach

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ADG Indepth™ Approach

ADG is committed to providing our clients with Smart Solutions for Real Success.  This is the foundation behind our unique InDepth approach to all client projects that ensures every step of the process is carried out in the best interest of your business — designed to maximize return, enhance guest experience, and constructed in a time frame to meet your financial goals and time constraint needs.

It’s our experience and knowledge at work with a laser focus on budget, schedule, and long term benefits for our clients. We marry design, function and cost to ensure that product plans and design concepts lead to successful projects. And that successful projects lead to real results.


Partnership By Design

design team at adg drawing conceptsOur InDepth approach is about creating a true partnership between ourselves and our client that takes us beyond the “edge of the pool” to address the project as it relates to your business as a whole.  Every project is designed and built around our client’s need to make an impact, generate revenue, and provide an experience guests will want to return for again and again.

Experience At Work

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Our 75% repeat client business is testament to the success of our InDepth process.  For over half a century, ADG has lead the way in creating superior settings for all aspects of aquatic and leisure recreation, from large water parks and resorts to small regional properties and municipalities.

Flexible Project Approach

A tailored approach to project delivery provides you with the option to work with ADG in a variety of ways, based on your needs and resources.

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