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Commercial Pool Design & Equipment for Schools, Municipalities, Organizations

ADG brings more than half a century of experience to the design, build and construction of aquatic centers that work for private organizations, schools, and communities.  State-of-the art commercial pool products and superior design help you to create the perfect multi-use facility with attractions that appeal to a wide range of demographics and enable you to increase programming options and flexibility to better serve your members.

Aquatic Centers

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Aquatic Recreation & Pool Solutions for Today’s Active Communities and Schools 

Diverse communities need diverse aquatic programming capabilities that can easily accommodate a wide range of activities, from competitive swimming, to rehabilitation therapy, to learn to swim programs and recreational fun. ADG’s innovative commercial pool equipment systems and recreational project design expertise turn the traditional competition pool complex of yesteryear into a versatile aquatic venue that expands your programming options, improves user experience, and increases community membership involvement and profitability.

This is where employing ADG’s 50+ years as the leader in indoor and outdoor recreational water park design and development is essential.  Our InDepth approach ensures that the best practices of what works in water parks is applied and scaled to suit your facility, and your community.

YMCA Syracuse River Aquatic center

Aquatic Center Design

More than ever, today’s schools, municipalities and YMCAs are committed to improving quality of life and recreational options while minimizing financial barriers for expanded community involvement. And that means minimizing project costs and staying on budget for planned upgrades and expansions.  From recreational activities to overall design and function of the space, ADG will help to create a setting that works for you and your facility.

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FlowRider at Aquatic CenterWater Ride Attractions

Choosing the right mix of attractions is key to attracting your core demographic.  From skill based rides like the FlowRider with strong teen appeal, to aquatic play structures, wave pools and splash areas, we develop creative, inspired pool solutions that fulfill your community’s needs while minimizing investment.

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ADG Movable Floor

State-of-the-Art Commercial Pool Equipment

Efficiently and effectively maximize the versatility and profitability of your aquatic center. From moveable floors and pool dividers, to dive sparger systems, ETS, and water filtration systems, ADG ensures your aquatic center exceeds industry standards for safety and reliability.

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Snohomish Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Pool Design-Build Experience at Work

ADG has the quality, services and products to give your aquatic center, school complex, natatorium, or community facility the winning edge.  Our wave generation and programmable pool equipment systems have been installed in more than 4,000 facilities world wide.  And our vertically integrated team of experienced professionals, combined with our InDepth approach to project development, has brought together the design, development, manufacturing, and installation of aquatic products all under one roof.  This combined method ensures that we bring expertise and creativity to every aspect of your project, and deliver it on time and on budget.


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