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WaveTek Wave Generation is Celebrating FIFTY Years of Innovation IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | October 11, 2019

In 1969 Point Mallard and Big Surf wave pools were developed with very different wave making technology but together, they mark the beginning of the wave pool industry in the USA. WaveTek® was there with an innovative pneumatic wave system – today’s workhorse for recreational wave generation – and in 1985 released its own patented Tsunami wave system by expanding on the original Big Surf idea, making WaveTek the first company to develop solitary wave systems for commercial use.

Many of today’s wave system features the industry considers “standards” were, in fact, developed by WaveTek. WaveTek’s patented high-head/low-volume technology is the backbone for many of the large wave systems found throughout the Asian market today.

To date, there are more than 450 WaveTek installations around the world, and WaveTek waves can be found in over 90% of the water parks in operation throughout North America. ADG’s WaveTek systems run the gamut when it comes to providing wave systems for every application, producing waves for recreational wave pools and rivers, to specialty designed wave systems & pools for Hollywood productions (check out those rough ocean scenes in Life of Pi and Master and Commander, that’s them!), to rescue training pools for the US Coast Guard, to waves for sea life exhibits in zoos & aquariums and fountain displays.

Today, WaveTek is the top performer in the industry, offering nine different wave system options for wave pools and rivers of all shapes and sizes, from 18” deep pools for toddlers, to wave pools making 6 ft high roller waves.

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