Make Waves in Your Community February 28, 2018

The world’s most popular surfing attraction, FlowRider® is the perfect addition for municipal water parks and aquatic centers. With proven appeal across multiple demographics, particularly the key teen and young adult market, this popular skill-based attraction is a proven winner among participants and observers alike, setting the stage for a…Keep Reading

Bruce Quay is Named COO of Aquatic Development Group February 22, 2018

Cohoes, New York  – Aquatic Development Group (ADG), designers and builders of water parks and recreational water park attractions, today announced the assignment of Bruce Quay as Chief Operation Officer.

Bruce has been leading and growing businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and commercial services sectors for over 30 years, working with…Keep Reading

Mountain Coaster & Slide Planning Guide February 14, 2018


Open your resort to year-round revenue with Mountainsides™ by ADG, a line of specialty mountainside products designed to drive year-round guest visitation and generate revenue.

Our Mountain Coaster and Mountain Slide are one-of-a-kind attractions, rated highest in the industry for revenue generating capability and customer draw. Adding one can quickly transform…Keep Reading

Splash Your Way into Mountains of Revenue January 31, 2018

ADG has built more mountain water parks than any other company in the industry. We understand the intricacies involved with developing around existing winter operations, and we respect the need to not interfere with your winter ski season. Our development plans take into consideration not only the timing of the…Keep Reading

Redefining the Water Ride Experience January 31, 2018

ADG Water Rides are a line of innovative attractions designed to create excitement and differentiate waterparks from their competition by getting guests off the line and into the water. From boogie boarding surf rides, tidal rivers, and skill based adventure rides, to specialty wave pools and lagoons, each ADG Water…Keep Reading

FlowRider®: Just the Facts January 23, 2018

Why should you choose the FlowRider® over any other surf attraction on the market? The answer is simple.

When you choose a FlowRider you choose peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the best stationary surf wave available. Numerous patents, incredible safety records, and dedicated FlowRider team members around the…Keep Reading

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