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Motion Pictures June 6, 2019

specialty wave generation for motion picturesFor more than a decade, ADG has been in demand among Hollywood execs, producing Academy Award Winning effects for movies such as Life of Pi, The Guardian, and Master and Commander. From rough water action, to surfing…Keep Reading

Water Rescue & Training Centers June 6, 2019

specialty wave systems for water rescue trainingFrom the U.S. Coast Guard to specialized aquatic and training centers, creating the right conditions for deep water and rough ocean water rescue is essential to the proper training of service members and lifeguards across the…Keep Reading

Fountain Displays June 6, 2019

wave system for fountainAdding waves to a fountain display is a great way to bring special attention to any setting, dramatically enhancing the overall entertainment value and attractiveness of a facility.

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Sea Life & Aquatic Exhibits June 6, 2019

specialty wave generation for zoo and aquarium exhibitsCreating a realistic experience for your visitors is a primary concern when developing or modifying an exhibit. Dolphins, penguins and other shore dwelling life require wave action to simulate their natural environment. The correct wave…Keep Reading

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