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BREAKERS™ June 6, 2019

breakers river wave system by wavetekDelivering Consistent Rolling Wave Action to Rivers Everywhere.

Our Breakers system, first developed in the 1980’s, provides a gentle yet fun-filled adventure down river.

HIGHTIDE™ June 6, 2019

adg river wave system hightide by wavetekHigh Frequency Diamond and Roller Waves.

Developed for shallow water, our HighTide system provides multiple wave patterns for more variety and fun in water as shallow as 3ft.

TEMPEST™ June 6, 2019

wave system by wavetek tempest adgAn Industry First.

The Tempest system utilizes a unique side-wall chamber configuration with remote mounting of the wave generator that allows for quick and easy wave pattern adjustments. Create waves that “match” or “miss” for a rollicking, rolling…Keep Reading

TIDALWAVE™ June 6, 2019

Big Wave Action.

The TidalWave system produces fast, solitary waves in a small footprint with no gates or valves in the water.

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