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Movable Bulkheads July 19, 2019

commercial pool bulkheadCompatible with all competitive timing equipment systems, these innovative pool dividers feature a unique energy absorbing, flow through design that delivers an extremely quiet water surface, reduces time-slowing turbulence, and makes them incredibly easy to move.

Vertical Bulkheads July 19, 2019

commercial pool bulkheadADG’s vertical bulkheads are a unique, creative solution for pools with space limitations or unique configurations. ADG was the first to bring this revolutionary technology – which lowers into a pool bottom vault when not in use and rises into…Keep Reading

Stationary Bulkheads July 19, 2019

commercial pool bulkheadPractical and cost-effective, ADG’s stationary pool dividers offer a permanent solution to pool segmentation. This innovative bulkhead technology divides the pool yet requires the use of only one recirculation/sanitation system, saving you money while increasing programming options for your facility…Keep Reading

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