Otter Banks at Zoombezi Bay
Zoombezi Bay’s “Otter Banks” Delivers Biggest Numbers Yet! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | November 8, 2018

It was decided that a new attraction would be constructed for 2018, and during the 2017 Zoombezi Bay season, a survey was conducted with current and former Columbus Zoo members and Zoombezi Bay season holders. Based on the results of the survey exploring factors that would encourage participants to visit Zoombezi Bay more frequently, three main goals were set by the project’s planning team. These goals were for the new attraction to offer: (1) more space; (2) more slides; and (3) more interactivity.

The project’s planning team along with assistance from Aquatic Development Group (ADG), who has designed and constructed other projects at Zoombezi Bay over the last 10 years, further narrowed the concept to focus on providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy a lush, tropical paradise without having to leave Central Ohio. In the new space, guests would be able to both relax and take part in some more active offerings. Otter Banks debuted to the public Memorial Day weekend 2018, marking the beginning of Zoombezi Bay’s regular season.

Attendance figures at Zoombezi Bay have already indicated that Otter Banks is a hit with guests. At the time of this article’s printing, attendance is up 22 percent compared to last year, and  Zoombezi Bay is on target to achieve a record year by welcoming an estimated 430,000 guests. While numbers are important, it is the comments made by guests on-site and through social media engagement (including on Facebook, Twitter and Zoombezi Bay’s new Instagram page) that are the most telling of their feedback regarding Otter Banks.

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