Bring New Energy to Your Park with an All New Wave Action River. IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | August 15, 2018

Top water parks and resorts around the world are realizing that one of the most popular attractions – the lazy river – doesn’t necessarily have to be “lazy” any more.

With the right wave generation system technology, your new river ride can create a whole new experience. From rolling waves perfect for the entire family, to action-adventure, fast paced and tidal waves, rivers with waves create a unique attraction.

A perfect compliment to an existing lazy river it is ideal for an expansion when you are looking to increase in-water capacity.  Or make it your only river and  provide not only a differentiating ride experience in-water but out-of-water as well as you grow capacity with surrounding deck space for lounges and cabanas.

ADG has the exact application your designs to create an all new exciting, marketable attraction that works for  your property.  Learn more about ADG’s river wave systems and how they can be put to work at your park.



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