When is the last time you had your FlowRider® Serviced? IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | September 5, 2018

Keep your sheet wave operating at optimal performance by keeping up on service and replacement parts.


At ADG, we bring you more than 50 years of experience to provide exceptional service and support for all your FlowRider service needs.

Whether ordering replacement parts, scheduling on-site service or long distance trouble shooting, your ADG FlowRider service technicians are ready to assist you today.

To guarantee the operation and warranty protection of your FlowRider attraction, ensure it is 100% ASTM compliant and serviced only by an authorized FlowRider service technician. ADG is the only company licensed to provide these services in the U.S. and Eastern Canada.

Whether it is old nozzle flaps that need replacing, or assistance with pump maintenance, ADG service technicians are here to help! Take a look at our FlowRider parts identification illustration and give us a call at  518.783.0038 or email service@aquaticgroup.com for further assistance.


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