How Timeshare-Savvy Vendors Keep Resorts Competitive IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | March 24, 2016

Can resort operators gain more from suppliers and vendors that have demonstrated their commitment to the timeshare industry? Can using a better educated vendor make a difference for their operations when it comes to staying competitive?

Jessica Mahoney, manager of marketing and communications, for Aquatic Development Group, Inc. (ADG), doubles down on client-centric thinking. “Whether for a new build, expansion or remodel,” Mahoney says, “when you work with ADG we won’t ask you what kind of pool you want. We won’t try to sell you on the latest play structure or slide. And we won’t try to convince you to add features you don’t need. What we will discuss is desired guest experience, differentiation, brand image, marketability, and revenue-generating opportunities that will help you increase capacity, average daily rate, food and beverage sales, length of stay, repeat visitation and more. It’s so much more than just ‘the pool,’ it’s the entire experience.”

Timeshare-savvy vendors understand that while resorts need to provide a “wow” experience, they also need to get the best value out of their investments.

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