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PRO SURFERS TAKE ON THE EPICSURF WAVE – Predicting EPICSURF to be a real game changer for the surf industry. IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | August 24, 2021

surfers take on epicsurf

Among the many professional surfers, wake surfers, skim boarders, boogie boarders and more that visited EpicSurf this summer – a surfing powerhouse from Western Australia, IAN CAIRNS is arguably one of the most influential people in the sport of surfing. Ian’s career over the last 50-plus years has ranged from world-renowned competitor to movie stunt double, to founder of the WSL. When it comes to modern-day competitive and professional surfing Cairns has seen and been a part of it all—spearheading progression and innovation since day one.

Beyond the big names, the impressive surf and daring tricks, we discover what is perhaps the true magic of the EpicSurf experience. A truly interactive experience, a day at EpicSurf is unlike any surf pool venue, bringing you up-close and personal with the surfers while they are surfing.

From praise for the pros to cheers of encouragement for the novice, the seamless transition between each was completely inclusive, and so fast that an onlooker barely registered that the wave height was continually being adjusted to accommodate each surfer’s skill level and board choice –providing the perfect wave for each.

The building camaraderie, laughter and good time shared by the pros, beginners, and onlookers alike as they traded praise, offered advice and shouted encouragement ensured everyone left with a smile on their face and perhaps most importantly, a desire to return for more.

So, what does all this mean for the surf industry? Where exactly do the creators of EpicSurf and its guests see it’s place in the world of surf?

From ocean surfing to surfing on artificial waves, it’s a unique time for our industry as we continue to grow and evolve with the newest advancements in tech and accessibility And as the field continues to expand, it seems that it is also coming together – with each of the different experiences not only complementing but enhancing surfers skills from one type of venue to another.

“We’re being very careful to understand that there’s an ocean experience, there’s an artificial moving wave experience, and then there’s a stationary deep-wave experience like EpicSurf,” says Jim Dunn, President of Aquatic Development Group, the company that created EpicSurf. “You’re going to get very different experiences from one to the other, and each is fun and fulfilling in its own unique way. The skills you develop on one, are transferable and applicable to the other, which makes them all very complementary to each other, and to the overall surf experience”

EpicSurf has also proven to be a good training ground for up-and-coming competitive surfers. A special group of gusts this summer included a contingent of young surf competitors from up and down the East Coast who made the trek to Upstate to NY to see what they could do on the stationary wave.

To their very happy surprise, each guest easily managed to surf more waves on their one day on the EpicSurf than they could for an entire summer in the ocean. Tricks were mastered, techniques were perfected, and the vibe was stoked.

“EpicSurf is the ideal wave for mastering skills” noted Blair Conklin, “The power of this wave is epic and practicing your turns has never been easier.”

A fact echoed by Phil Jackson, Executive Director of Surf Dreams Foundation who brought with him several young aspiring professionals each of whom participate in many surf competitions across the country.

Another group, all beginners, got their feet wet surfing for the first time without having to brave the unknows of the ocean and all the nuances that go with it, from currents, to paddling out, to timing, to wave selection. They learned balance, foot work, and above all confidence as they moved from training bars to surfing the wave.

“It’s the perfect wave for surf lessons”, said Jackson. “The EpicSurf wave is a real game changer for the surf industry. The kid’s couldn’t get enough of it! ”


EpicSurf, designed, built and manufactured by Aquatic Development Group, is a stationary surf wave that provides a true deep wave of water for surfing. The deep-water wave allows the surfer to use an assortment of boards while surfing, including a true skegged surfboard, providing a more authentic surfing experience versus that of surfing on a thin sheet of water over a formed surface which is a common design amongst the many other stationary waves on the market.

For more information visit: www.EPIC.surf

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