An Inside Look at H2OBX’s Innovative Water Rides! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | March 27, 2017

H2OBX, the $46 million waterpark currently under construction in the Outer Banks Region of North Carolina has revealed that it will feature two first-of-their-kind water rides in the U.S.

The park, designed and being built by Aquatic Development Group (ADG), will feature two attractions from their new line of water rides. Twin Tides™, a dual-beach, dual-entry wave pool, and Adventure Lagoon™, a skill-based active play ride with features unique to the water park setting.


Twin Tides by ADG


Twin Tides™

A dual entry wave pool that takes advantage of a unique design and wave system configuration engineered by ADG that enables parks to double their capacity without expanding their footprint.


Adventure Lagoon


Adventure Lagoon™

An activity pool that combines exciting skill-based features and interactive play areas that appeal to the entire family. The ride at OBX will include a rock wall scramble, WibitTM climbing system and leap pad feature that guests can work their way through to complete the entire ride or choose to do only a portion.


The 30-acre first phase of the park will also include more than 20 slides, a 450,000-gallon wave pool featuring beach-feel surf and an adventure river all powered by ADG’s Wavetek™ wave system technology. A Flowrider® surf machine is also included in the plans for phase one giving guests yet another skill-based attraction unique to the area.

“Aquatic Development Group has drawn on decades of experience to design the park to include exceptional first-to-market and hybrid attractions,” says Ken Ellis, co-owner of H2OBX and President/CEO of ADG. “We strived to build this park with great attention to detail and with multiple distinctive features that guests of all ages and interests will enjoy.”

H2OBX is on track to be open this Memorial Day.

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