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Optimal Water Park Attractions IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | May 19, 2017

This month ADG was featured in Recreation Management’s article discussing “Evolving Aquatics.” The article discusses how municipalities are no longer just offering guests a pool but now are the home to many innovative water rides and attractions.

“Municipal facilities are becoming much more advanced than the simple town pool of yesteryear with a couple of diving boards and maybe a slide or two. Innovative, first-to-market attractions are becoming more commonplace as municipalities begin to embrace the waterpark model of offering excitement and entertainment to their members,” said Jessica Mahoney, Marketing Manager at Aquatic Development Group.

Three municipalities featured in the article have turned to ADG for their products to differentiate their property; Splash Cove at Jim Allen Aquatic Center, Water World- Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District and Jack Carter Pool.

Twin TidesSplash Cove features ADG’s first ever Twin Tides™ dual entry wave pool.  Splash Cove chose ADG  to provide a new dual-entry wave pool system to to increase daily visitation and appeal to residents of all ages. Twin Tides™ was chosen at the municipality to make a statement as a main attraction to the waterpark. The water ride has ample space for seating on all sides of the pool, and the ability to accommodate an increased numbers of patrons.

“Guest response to the Twin Tides™ pool is astronomical, they love this wave pool! Any time they walk in, they see the waves rolling – they are ready to jump in and rock and roll,” said David Allacher, Aquatics Supervisor at Splash Cove.

Water World is home to ADG’s two time award winning boogie boarding water ride, Breaker Beach™. This ride has made a splash in the industry winning both the Leading Edge Award and Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in 2016. Breaker Beach

The Breaker Beach™ Ride is powered by ADG’s exclusive WaveTek™ wave generation system and produces continuous 3 ft spilling breakers that provide riders with the perfect boogie-boarding wave every 4 seconds. An innovative dual launch peninsula doubles rider capacity for a continuous throughput of 900 plus riders per hour.

“We designed Breaker Beach™ to respond to the need for parks to continue to differentiate with new and innovative ride options,” says Jim Dunn, Executive VP for Aquatic Development Group. “Our new water rides are unique in that they offer parks an alternative to adding another slide package by not only creating an exciting and different ride experience, but by expanding beyond the edge of the water to keep guests interacting with the ride, and in the park, for longer periods of time.”

FlowRiderJack Carter Pool features a FlowRider®, the world’s most popular surf simulator. In 1983, the original Jack Carter Pool was opened to the public and became a popular spot for the people of Plano. As the years past, the facility became outdated, presenting mechanical problems and failures with the structure, making it crucial for a renovation, an updated property layout and a new innovative attraction for guests.
Jack Carter Pool decided to take suggestions from patrons and citizens of Plano of what to add to the new pool area. Amongst  the multitude of suggestions Jack Carter Pool received, the FlowRider® topped the list! The pool facility called upon ADG to install this surf simulator that would help generate renewed interest and attendance to the newly renovated park.
The new $12.5 million renovated Jack Carter Pool opened on July 9th, 2016 to the public and attendance levels were approximately 1,333 guests a day. From children as young as 5 to adults, the FlowRider® proved to be a popular addition to the park. With the successful placement of F&B by the FlowRider®, guests have the ability to snack while watching friends and fellow surfers take their turn at the FlowRider®. These sales help Jack Carter Pool provide amenities to guests and cover operating costs.

For more information about how to add innovative water rides to your property visit https://www.aquaticgroup.com/products/water-park-ride-manufacturers/

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