Fundamentals In Waterpark Design IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | October 27, 2016

People pay to get wet.

And it’s a proven fact that adding water draws the crowds and keeps people on property longer. Water attractions create the destination experience that guests want and are a great way to generate additional revenue through F&B, retail and other incidental purchases. But, if you are thinking about adding water to your dry park there are a lot of factors to consider.

From wave pools and rivers, to play structures and slides, water rides appeal to a large demographic and can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your park in a short time. And, the fact is, you will need this sharp rise in attendance to support your venture into the waterpark business.

Does your market support the numbers needed for you to be a success?

Is your current park designed to handle the increase? And how do we successfully incorporate a water park into the operational mix?

Download our white paper and discover the fundamentals that go into designing and building a successful waterpark. From capacity and square footage, to selecting the right mix of attractions and providing ample space for decking, F&B, retail and amenities, the experts at ADG consider every factor of the waterpark experience when it comes to designing and building parks for our clients.

From large corporate amusement parks to small family run operations, our team of designers, builders and engineers create the waterpark experience  that fits your park, your demographic, and your budget.

Hear from our clients and see some of our work for yourself. Then give us a call or stop by our booth at WWA or IAAPA and let’s talk about how we can put our expertise in the waterpark business to work for you.

Download our free “Fundamental in Waterpark Design” today.

“ADG’s waterpark was the perfect compliment to our existing amusement park, and they got the project done for us on-time and on-budget.”
<p -Tennyson Dickinson, Owner of Lake Winnepesaukah

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