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FlowRider Service Check Up! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | February 14, 2019

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ADG is the only authorized FlowRider Service Provider in the United States and Eastern Canada with technicians on board that have been selling and maintaining your FlowRider since the day it was installed. We have access to every drawing of every attraction we ever built – no guesswork on modifications here!But besides our ride being the safest on the market, it is important to keep the FlowRider parts well maintained. Your FlowRider Service Technician is available 365 days/year to help ensure your ride is always operating at its optimal performance.


  • The external structure housing the FlowRider® should be checked for structural integrity. All structural elements around the ride should be visually checked for signs of stress
    or cracking including the walkways, handrails and drainage grates. Inspect the safety barriers and rider loading area, including the queue line.


  • The grates should be properly seated and secured. Check that all grates are secure in their mountings and that they are in good condition.


  • Inspect the padding around the ride surface and all exit/transition areas. This must be checked for delamination, tears, cracking, or any other defect, damage, debris or wear. If the above problems are left untreated, they can lead to major problems. We recommend that any damage found in the padding be repaired prior to further operation of the sheet wave attraction.


  • Inspect the vinyl fabric ride surface of the sheet wave. The complete ride surface must be checked for delamination, cuts, tears, cracking, or any other damage, debris or wear on the surface of the ride. Small cuts, tears, or cracking in the surface of the vinyl ride-surface, if left untreated, can lead to major problems.


  • Inspect the Nozzle Flaps and Side Closures around the ride surface and all exit/transition areas. Lift the nozzle flaps and inspect the inside of the steel nozzle frames for any debris.


  • The FlowRider controls should be checked to ensure that all buttons, switches and indicator lights are in good condition and easily accessible and operable.



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