Planning your flowrider surf attraction
FlowRider® Planning IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | September 12, 2018

The world’s most popular surfing attraction, FlowRider® is the perfect addition for any setting.

With proven appeal across multiple channels such as municipalities, resorts, water parks and more this popular skill-based attraction is a proven winner for driving traffic to your venue, encouraging repeat visitation, attracting the key young adult market, and increasing length of stay.

For many locations across the country, the sport of surfing is inaccessible. The FlowRider lets you bring this unique activity directly into your facility, no matter where you are in the country, providing that one-of-a-kind experience today’s guests are searching for.

With a worldwide presence and strong brand following, no other aquatic attraction on the market has the capability to bring heightened public awareness and immediate exposure of your property clearly into focus, like the FlowRider.

From selecting and designing the location of the attraction, to staffing and operating the ride, there are two key factors to consider that will enable you to best leverage the FlowRider’s unmatched capability to draw a crowd: Maximize Revenue Generating Opportunities & Maximize Guest Experience & Interaction.

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