FlowRider concept drawing
“Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.” Features ADG on the Discovery Channel IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | June 16, 2014

Today, aquatic recreation is advancing individuals of all ages and abilities to enjoy and benefit from the products and facilities constructed by companies like Aquatic Development Group. This episode of “Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.,” showcases ADG and our impact on aquatic facilities around the world with the FlowRider®.

7_100_2283_Andrew-Thatcher-300x225ADG is the primary North American distributor of the FlowRider®, a skill-based technology that allows users to meet successful challenges, with skill-based rewards, that keep them coming back again and again. “Our products will bring more people to their venues. They’ll stay longer, they’ll spend more money and they’ll come back year after year,” says Ken Ellis, President/CEO of ADG.

The FlowRider® is a safe and fun way to bring excitement to physical activity. With a proprietary ride surface that is designed to absorb the energy of impacts, flowriders can wipe out, and get back up again and again.



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