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Building Your Mountain Playground: The ROI of Adding Water IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | August 28, 2018

Go beyond the slopes and drive guests to your mountain year-round by transforming into a true multi-season destination. From bright and colorful indoor and outdoor waterparks to sophisticated, upscale resort style settings, ADG brings you creative water solutions custom tailored to work for your mountain resort. Capture more vacation dollars from your target customers, increase your demographic appeal, and give guests another reason to choose your mountain over the competition.

For over half a century, ADG has lead the way in creating superior settings for all aspects of aquatic and leisure recreation. Indoors or out, ADG’s innovative Mountain Waterpark settings are designed specifically to work with your mountain, taking advantage of existing infrastructure and operational practices for better results, better ROI, and a better guest experience.

From water parks to adventure parks, the right mix of attractions will both draw guests to your mountain AND keep them there.

Join us for an open Q&A session at SAM Summer Ops Camp September 6th to discuss the operational impact and potential ROI that adding water can have on your mountain park. If you are considering adding an indoor or outdoor waterpark, or even just looking to add a single water feature, this is your chance to get your questions answered from the Mountainside Aquatic Experts at ADG.

From the impact on your bed base, to parking and operational infrastructure considerations, to the potential for market area expansion, we’ll address all issues that affect the design, build, and implementation of a successful aquatic attraction on your mountain.

Learn more about what water can do for your mountain today.

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