Advances in Wave Technology are Changing “Staple” Waterpark Attractions IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | August 15, 2018

The evolution occurring in the industry, as evidenced in the growing variety of water ride attractions appearing throughout the market, is making park owners think twice before they revert to the old “add-a-slide” mentality. New wave-based attractions – created to get people off the lines and into the water – are being designed to appeal to guests of all ages and skill levels, and are providing operators with significantly increased rider throughput and capacity in similar footprints to slide complexes. In addition, parks are also discovering that these rides lend themselves easily to the opportunity of increasing length of stay and per cap spending though their ability to act as complete “destination settings”.


From boogie boarding surf pools, to dual-entry wave pools and tidal wave rivers, these advancements in technology are redefining “water rides”.

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