boy riding flowrider at splash lagoon water park
ADG’s Latest FlowRider Installation is Now Open at Splash Lagoon! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | January 17, 2020

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort unveiled the first part of a $3.5 million expansion this January.

The anchor attraction, the FlowRider surf ride that will allow visitors to experience the thrill of surfing while a dedicated surf instructor assists them in entering the surf zone, riding the wave and surfing.

Riders will begin by kneeling on a bodyboard, learning to balance and maneuver as water rushes over a trampoline-like tensioned fabric surface. Guests will learn tricks on the bodyboard including spins and flips before graduating to standing and surfing the wave on a specially designed flowboard.

FlowRider is built for two simultaneous riders and can accommodate as many as 200 riders in an hour.

The opportunity to experience FlowRider will be included with admission to the water park. The attraction will be open to water park guests who are at least 42” tall starting Jan. 16.

According to V.P./Owner Nick Scott Jr., “We’re really excited to introduce the first phase of a 3.5 million dollar addition, what you see behind me is our Flow Rider, it is a really cool surf machine, the only one of its kind in the area, and then the next phase will be food service, a new bar right next to FlowRider and a balcony and an addition to our arcade.”

The FlowRider will be housed in a new section of the water park next to Wild Waters Wave Pool. A large elevated balcony with seating for guests will be built, overlooking FlowRider and the wave pool. It will include the new food service area and bar.

The water park is also expanding the existing Treasure Island Arcade by 2,500 square feet, so approximately 40 new arcade games can be added, bringing the total number of arcade games to more than 100.

The space will also include an area for groups & birthday parties. Splash Lagoon opened in 2003 and is owned and operated by Scott Enterprises. This is the largest expansion in its 16 years of operation.

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