ADG Begins $46 Million Waterpark Coming To The Outer Banks IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | October 26, 2016

Powells Point, N.C., October 26, 2016 – Aquatic Development Group (ADG) has begun construction on the new $46 million waterpark in the Outer Banks (OBX) and experts are hailing it as one of the most innovatively designed and uniquely located waterparks in world. H2OBX Waterpark (obxwaterpark.com) will complement the region’s unique tourism offerings when it opens for Summer 2017, delivering world premier attractions, superior guest service, and an exciting new option for fun and entertainment to the hundreds of thousands of families who vacation in the Outer Banks each year.

ADG is the lead designer and builder of H2OBX. Drawing on decades of experience, ADG’s team designed the park to include exceptional first-to-market and hybrid attractions with attention to detail and distinctive features that guests of all ages and interests will enjoy.

First Class Attractions, Special Effects and Guest Experience

H2OBX has been carefully designed and themed to pay homage to the history and culture of the Outer Banks. The new waterpark will deliver more than 30 waterslides, pools and attractions, combining several first-to-market and enhanced slides and water ride experiences. Waterslides will offer varying degrees of thrills, lengths, drops, turns and intensity. Guests can ride the waves on a Flowrider®, float along an adventure river, body surf in one of two wave pools, and anticipate an exhilarating 1,000-gallon bucket dump. H2OBX will offer an array of traditional rides and pools, but that is where classic waterpark recreation ends and innovation begins.

Enhanced attractions include several of ADG’s new and innovative Water Rides including: Twin Tides™ wave pool, which will deliver the fundamental ocean-simulated current, tide and waves that guests love, but with new dual “beachfront” entrance points on opposite ends. ADG’s revolutionary Adventure Lagoon™ includes climb, crawl and balance soft mat obstacles and swim zones.

Also unique to H2OBX is an immersive, multi-level, pirate-themed, play structure that reveals a smart design offering more waterslides and interactive water effects. H2OBX will also feature hybrid waterslides, special effects including aqua-lucent lighting, gravity defying enhancements, increased thrill factors and theming to undoubtedly deliver one of the most cutting-edge waterparks ever constructed.   In addition to thrill, H2OBX has places to chill. ADG’s park design incorporates serious upgrades including over 50 private cabanas, a premium cabana village, first-class amenities and luxury guest service in a private oasis setting. Shaded seating areas, multiple food and beverage outlets offering variety and quality, from snacks to gourmet, a Wright Brothers flyer themed bar, and free Wi-Fi are among the many offered conveniences.

Renowned Waterpark Development Team

H2OBX developers Ken Ellis, Arthur Berry III, Tim Gantz and Jeff Malarney each bring substantial experience in their respective fields; waterpark development, planning, operations and market tourism. Ken Ellis, president and CEO of  ADG, the premier waterpark design/build company in the U.S., is also co-owner with Arthur Berry III of the Camelback Resort, home to Aquatopia, the largest indoor waterpark in the Northeast, and Camelbeach outdoor waterpark.

Tim Gantz is the former owner and operator of America’s Largest Outdoor Waterpark, Noah’s Ark, and Jeff Malarney, former Navy JAGC, has been intimately involved in the North Carolina vacation rental industry, recently serving two terms on the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, and a local Outer Banks resident and practicing attorney.  In addition to the Aquatic Development Group, WhiteWater West is the lead waterslide supplier and installer on the project, while the renowned Weber Group is the designer of the expertly themed buildings and structures.

“This has been an extraordinary project because of my own personal involvement and vested interest in H2OBX,” said Ellis, “I’m extremely proud of the talented and diligent team at ADG, the innovative slide design by WhiteWater West, the sophisticated details by Weber Group, and the work put forth by so many others who have created such a unique waterpark plan. H2OBX is going to be incredibly innovative because we have the full force of the industry’s best people behind it.” H2OBX sprawls across 80 acres just off of U.S. 158 in Powells Point, N.C., three miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge, the northern gateway to the Outer Banks.

“We are very excited to be working with the entire Outer Banks community to deliver a world-class waterpark that will deliver an exciting new entertainment option for vacationers,” said Arthur Berry III, H2OBX developer. “H2OBX will further benefit the area through pre-and post opening job creation and draw additional tourism to the area.”   For more information about H2OBX Waterpark, visit OBXwaterpark.com

Key Attractions at H2OBX

  • FlowRider®, Surfing Simulator
  • Twin Tides™ dual entry Wave Pool
  • 30,000 square-foot Action Wave Pool
  • Adventure Lagoon™ featuring balance, climb and crawl across floats and structures
  • Two high-speed Colorado Drop tube rides over 500 feet long and 71 feet long
  • 90-foot tall Aqua Drop launch capsule free fall slide
  • 90-foot tall Flat Line Loop body slides with launch capsule translucent fiberglass
  • 50-foot drop Boomerango inner tube ride wall stall and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • SuperBowl thrill ride with Aqua Lucent lighting and open bowl with a distinctive sawtooth edge
  • 500-foot long Constrictor slide featuring high-speed tight turns
  • 500-foot long Boomerango family raft ride with drops, weightless wall and zero gravity hump
  • 540-foot long family raft ride over 540 feet long with open and enclosed sections and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • Five Kid’s body and tube slides offering turns and loops
  • Pirate themed aqua play structure with more than 70 interactive features and seven slides including the Champagne Bowl body slide
  • 50 Private Cabanas
  • 4 distinct Food & Beverage outlets

Aquatic Development Group, Inc (ADG) designs and builds waterparks and recreational water and mountainside attractions for all types of venues from amusement parks and resorts to ski mountains and small aquatic settings.  Their innovative InDepthTM approach focuses on their client’s success by utilizing a unique, revenue generating design philosophy that they apply to every project, whether for a complete waterpark design/build or single product manufacture and install.  All of their products and designs, from Water Rides and FlowRiders® to Mountain Slides and Coasters, are developed to create an experience for their client’s customers that encourage incidental purchases, entice repeat visits and increase length of stay.  ADG is the leading expert in recreational environments designed to draw diverse crowds, maximize revenue and increase guest satisfaction.  They have installed more than 90% of all wave systems in the U.S. and have provided design/build and aquatic equipment services to more than 4,000 public, scholastic, leisure resort, water and amusement facilities worldwide.

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