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North American editor Paul Ruben, reports on the latest developments from Aquatic Development Group in this month’s issue of Park World Magazine. Aquatic Development Group (ADG) designs and builds indoor and outdoor water parks and recreational water ride attractions for all types of venues from large amusement parks and resorts to smaller aquatic and municipal settings.

All of its products and designs, from wave pools and rivers to surf rides and adventure lagoons, are developed on the basis of creating unique guest experiences that maximize in-park capacity, encourage incidental purchases, entice repeat visits, and increase length of stay.

adg water park concept

ADG has installed more than 90% of all wave systems in the US with its WaveTek technology and has provided design/build and equipment services to more than 4,000 public, scholastic, leisure resort, and amusement facilities worldwide.

ADG is housed in a 67,000 square foot (6,225 sq m) facility along the Hudson River in Cohoes, New York. 56% of that space, 37,500 square feet (3,484 sq m), is dedicated to manufacturing. What started in the 1950s as a commercial pool contracting business has blossomed into a global corporation with projects that span the globe.


“At ADG, we’re a designer and problem solver first. Waterpark design, whether you’re inside or outside, is not just about the pools or slides. There are a number of items that influence the final design and our people are great at finding creative solutions.”

– Jim Dunn, President of Aquatic Development Group


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