ADG Cohoes, NY
ADG is featured on “Capital Region Business Beat” IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | June 19, 2014

Aquatic Development Group, Inc. (ADG) has had their hands in over 4,000 waterparks around the world. It’s then easy to say that you have most likely been to at least one of the parks we have had a hand in building. With clients like Six Flags, Disney, Kalahari Resorts, Paramount Parks and more, ADG has earned an exceptional reputation in the waterpark industry.

silverwaterpark_DSC00271-300x199“We’ve never not opened a project on time,” says President and CEO, Ken Ellis, an accomplishment to be proud of for sure in an industry fraught with daily challenges from suppliers, vendors and, as with the harsh winter across the US this year proved, Mother Nature! And one of prime importance to their clients who are on tight deadlines to make sure their parks are ready from day one to take full advantage of the short summer season.

Through product innovations and design, ADG is evolving in the recreation industry, diving into the world of mountain coasters and alpine slides. With one coaster completed, and two coasters in the works, ADG is taking steps to add variety to their portfolio giving their current and future clients a wide range of options that best suit their needs.

Residing in Cohoes, NY, not many people in the capital district are aware that ADG, a company who designs and builds recreational fun all over the country, and the world, sits just outside of Albany, NY. This segment of “Capital Region Business Beat,” by Time Warner Cable News, gives an inside look at the fun and innovative company that you may have never known was so close to home.




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