ADG Brings “Boogie Blast” FlowRider to Central Arkansas Park IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | June 26, 2010

Aquatic Development Group announces the completion of the Magic Springs/Crystal Falls FlowRider – bringing surfing to central Arkansas.

Cohoes, New York May 26, 2010 – Aquatic Development Group, Inc., one of the premier designers and builders of waterparks and attractions around the world is proud to announce the completion and grand opening of Magic Springs/Crystal Falls newest attraction, a Double FlowRider. Named “Boogie Blast” and opened on June 2nd the new FlowRider will bring unlimited Boogie Boarding, Knee Boarding and Surfing to the Central Arkansas Park. Aquatic Development Group led the design effort and managed the construction of the FlowRider, its related mechanical and filtration systems, a unique event stage above the FlowRider and a spectator pavilion.

Flowboarding and the FlowRider

Flowboarding is a man-made 21st century hybrid mix of surfing, boogie boarding, skateboarding and snowboarding. The FlowRider itself provides a continuous wave to surf on by producing a stream of water that moves at 30 mph, up a 4-foot high tensioned ride surface, called the waveform. Participants can “surf” standing up, or ride on knees or bellies, while traversing up and down the waveform. Unlike the ocean, a rider’s time on the wave is only limited by their endurance and/or artificial time limitations. What makes this attraction unique is the combination of the waveform’s vertical height and it’s tensioned, flexible ride surface. The combination of these elements delivers a ride surface that is both forgiving for a beginner and exhilarating for an expert.

The key to the success of the FlowRider is that the composite riding surface is firm under foot. The ride surface is firm under foot, yet extremely forgiving and soft, like a trampoline, to allow riders to bounce right back up when they fall. Riders are able to carve effectively on the waveform because the waveform offers resistance back, like a natural wave. The 630 square feet of riding area provides enough space for two boogie/knee boarders or one surfer. The size of the riding area is especially important for surfing, as the need to ride up and down the waveform is critical to performing complex tricks.

Event Stage and Spectator Pavilion

Aquatic Development Group constructed a unique entertainment venue to accompany the “Boogie Blast” FlowRider comprising of an event sage and a viewing pavilion. The stage is situated behind and above the rear of the FlowRider, with a viewing pavilion down and in front of the FlowRider. The goal is to capitalize on the broad entertainment value of the FlowRider, and enhance the entertainment experience for all patrons. Spectators will now be able to congregate at the front of the FlowRider, watch the surfing action and take in a concert at the same time!

“We’re really excited to complete this project and see it open to the public,” said Kenneth Ellis, President and CEO of Aquatic Development Group, Inc. “This is a really unique attraction and venue combination that should help cement Magic Springs/Crystal Falls Park’s reputation as the preeminent park in the region.” Aquatic Development Group has participated in more than 150 water park construction projects across the United States and the world.

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