FlowRider Innovation & Technology IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | July 22, 2019

flowrider ride surface technologyFlowRider’s patented ride surface technology is the cornerstone of our success as it puts our customers’ patron safety first.  Made of tensioned fabric and inflatable surfaces, it is comparable to the feel and behavior of a trampoline.  No foam padding over hard substrate can even come close to absorbing an impact like the surface of the FlowRider.

At FlowRider we are continuously working to improve and enhance our product.  Our proprietary nozzle flap system is more durable and attractive, allowing for better viewing by guests and, most importantly, eliminating the risk of rider contact.  And our patented air-cushioned, motion absorbing FlowRider Flow Fence divider allows you to safely and easily employ two riders at a time on the FlowRider Double and WaveOz. FlowRider Technology Innovations: Download the Guide.

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