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ADG Goes Dark on Social Media October 31, 2019

Going Dark? What does this mean..?


Going dark on social media just means that we’re taking a break from sending you ads so that we can focus more on “in person” conversation. Because, let’s face…Keep Reading

Waterparks : Splashing the cash April 5, 2019

Weather warning
The most obvious issue for waterpark operations is the weather. With many of these attractions only opening for 100 or so days a year, and with 40-50 per cent of annual visits coming during their busiest month, just a couple of weeks of bad weather in the peak summer…Keep Reading

Why Slide When You Can Ride? March 28, 2019

There’s more to a ride than fiberglass. When you compare the world’s #1 surf ride to the specifications of two drop capsules or one bowl ride you can see how within a fourth of the square footage you can have 20% higher throughput and capture a wider demographic…Keep Reading

What are Alpine Slides & Why do they Work at Ski Resorts? March 19, 2019
source: (http://alpineslide.com/)

“How Alpine Slides Work
The best way to describe the function of an alpine slide is to compare it to its cousin, the bobsled. Unlike the bobsled, the alpine slide is a smooth, continuous track that is often built into the side of a hill and does not need ice…Keep Reading