Herb Ellis

Herb EllisWhen Herb first started building pools over 50 years ago he had bigger ideas in mind and envisioned water experiences that went well beyond the traditional pool.  Over the next few decades, wave pools, lazy rivers, surf simulators and programmable pools were going to change the entire aquatics industry, and Herb Ellis would be positioned right at the forefront.  Growing his company from a local commercial pool builder into a worldwide manufacturer of wave pool equipment, he laid the groundwork in product innovation and waterpark design and construction that has become the hallmark of ADG’s success today.

As the now “semi-retired” chairman of ADG, he remains a strong presence at ADG, continuing to lead by example with drive and determination, always striving to provide our clients with the best possible products and service in the industry he helped build.

In Herb’s “off-time” he can be found dedicating himself to the betterment of his home town, Albany, NY.  He has served on numerous school and theater boards, was the co-founder of two semi-professional Albany sports teams, and became a real estate developer responsible for the revitalization of several well-known business and residential complexes.


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