ADG's design team comprises architects, landscape architects, planners, and engineers boasting decades of experience in crafting intricate and captivating aquatic venues. These venues not only deliver exceptional entertainment value and revenue potential but also maintain a vigilant focus on project development costs.

Embedded within our InDepth process, we delve into your park management philosophy while addressing critical aspects like security, cash handling, and retail prospects. ADG conducts a comprehensive assessment of the existing site infrastructure and meticulously reviews all agency prerequisites. Furthermore, we incorporate plans for future expansion.

Collectively, we will establish pragmatic project costs and timelines, and collaborate in formulating a practical operational budget that aligns with your objectives and project requisites.

ADG's distinctive in-depth master planning approach equips you with all the essential insights to make informed decisions about your project.

Upon completing the Master Planning phase, ADG will furnish you with a guaranteed cost for both the Design and Build phases of the specialty aquatic features delineated in the plan. If you are situated outside of North America, you can opt for our Design, Engineering & Product Supply package, which equips you with all the indispensable plans, documents, and equipment necessary for constructing your specialty aquatic features.