Transparent Roofing Systems made of TEXLON


Enjoy Year Round Fun in the Sun with Translucent Roofing

Texlon transparent roofing systems offer indoor, four-season environments anywhere in the world. The system combines exceptional light transmission and high thermal properties with the ability to span great distances providing unique opportunities for designers to create structures of unusual lightness and elegance. Texlon Systems can be engineered to virtually any size or shape and can incorporate solar shading enabling the envelope to be tuned to the ideal climatic solution in real time as the sun moves across the sky.

Translucent Roofing Minimizes Impact of Seasonality

Clear roof systems made of Texlon are the perfection solution for indoor aquatic facilities, waterparks, hotel & resort pools and municipal / institutional aquatic centers. Transparent roofing will minimize seasonality at your facility and increase revenue.

Some of the many advantages of this transparent roofing system include:

  • TexlonExceptional light transmission
  • UV transparency
  • Solar Shading
  • Outstanding thermal properties
  • Ecologically friendly energy efficiency
  • Acoustic Dampening
  • Meets or exceeds all energy codes
  • Variable day lighting/solar control
  • Long span/any shape capabilities
  • Fire self-ventilating/non-combustible
  • Low maintenance/life cycle costs

The qualities of translucent roofing correlate with additional benefits. This clear roof system is UV transparent allowing bathers to tan naturally in the dead of winter and providing ideal growing conditions indoors. The transparent roofing system also delivers acoustic dampening; allowing the internal reverberations of active play to escape, creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment.

Clear Roof System Design Considerations

The Texlon transparent roofing system combines exceptional light transmission, high thermal properties and the ability to span great distances, providing unique opportunities for designers to create structures of unusual beauty and elegance. These “intelligent” transparent roof systems can be engineered to virtually any size or shape and are capable of incorporating solar shading, which enables the internal environments to be tuned to the ideal climatic solutions for any weather conditions outside.

Where is Transparent Roofing Found?

Lightweight transparent Roofing systems are rapidly emerging in a variety of structures, most notably the Beijing National Aquatics Center in China. Sometimes referred to as the “Water Cube,” the Beijing National Aquatics center is one of the more notable structures incorporating the Texlon Transparent Roofing system. Beyond the Water Cube there are a number of different structures incorporating the material in the roofing structure, from Athletic Facilities, to botanical gardens to Zoos and Aquariums.