Alpine Mountain Coaster

North America's Leading Alpine Mountain Coaster Manufacturer

Alpine Mountain CoastersTM appeal to a large demographic audience, are an exciting guest attraction and provide year-round revenue from both skiers and non-skiers alike.  So how do you make this revenue-producing product even better? You build a smarter coaster.

Building The Best Mountain Coaster Ride

ADG’s Mountain Coaster is the only one designed, manufactured and installed by a company in the United States; and whose CEO is also a ski resort owner himself. With ADG, you get a locally based team of experts dedicated to creating a unique and customized attraction designed to fit your resort and your terrain. With the Alpine Mountain CoasterTM there is just more – more dips, more turns, more zigs and zags, more ups and downs! A true American made experience, the Mountain Coaster by ADG is the only coaster on the market that brings the authentic thrill and excitement of a rolling, dipping, zigging and zagging coaster ride to your mountainside.

Cutting-Edge Safety Systems

Mountain Coaster Break System

ADG was first to market with a patent-pending collision avoidance system that delivers all the exhilaration of a rider-controlled experience while building in ground-breaking safety features. Automatic speed restrictors, brake lights and alarms maximize safety while ensuring a fun, exhilarating ride. And our seat belt design ensures your guests remain firmly seated in the cart, even during those thrilling high G-force turns. It is the only coaster built with state-of-the-art, proprietary safety features providing a safer experience for your guests, and a more profitable investment for you.

Superior Alpine Coaster Carts

Smartly designed coaster carts allow guests of all ages to sit firmly and comfortably, providing a more secure and comfortable ride. Automatic speed restrictors limit the top speed, providing an exciting, but safe, descent down the mountain.

Easy to Install & Maintain

Made of stainless steel construction that accommodates virtually any twist and turn in mountain terrain, ADG prefabricates its mountain coaster track system in-house. This unique, one-of-a-kind modular design allows for fast and accurate installation and adapts easily to changing weather conditions.

The American Made Experience

Environmentally friendly. Low impact. Thrilling and exciting. A genuine American made mountainside experience – like no other coaster ride on the market.  And something you can only get with made in the USA know how and experience. Guests will return time and again to ride your mountain.  And made in the USA means we have technicians in your backyard, so we are close and on-hand for site visits, installations and follow up needs to keep your ride functioning at its optimal capacity.

Quicker Return on Investment

With ADG’s proprietary collision avoidance system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased rider capacity and increased revenues as riders may be dispatched at double the rate of our competition. An investment in ADG’s Mountain Coaster can pay for itself in as few as 24 months.

Experience the ADG Mountain Coaster difference, unlike any other ride down the mountain. Contact ADG and let us help you build the mountainside ride guaranteed to generate additional revenue, attract new visitors and enhance your guest experience.Mountain Coaster

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