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Resorts/HotelsA new generation of hotels with attached indoor waterparks has emerged. This unique marriage of hotel and waterpark has proven to be the most successful relationship since theme parks added waterparks to their entertainment mix.

Traditionally an outdoor, warm weather experience, moving waterparks indoors and attaching them as key amenities to hotels has created a uniquely visible and profitable way to increase revenues and extend the resort season. Indoor Waterparks eliminate weather as a variable and extend short, peak oriented seasons to year-round entertainment venues. The Hotel-indoor waterpark concept was born in Wisconsin Dells during the 1990′s. Since then hotels with indoor waterparks have consistently out-performed their competitors.

The addition of an indoor waterpark is an investment strategy that works. It transforms your resort into a year-round destination attraction for families. Studies of the hotel indoor waterpark trend have shown that hotels with indoor waterparks:

  • Increase both shoulder season and in-season occupancy by 15% to 30%
  • Increases average room rates by $50 to $125
  • Increases family attendance
  • Increases profitability and cash flow stability
  • Positions you above your competition
  • Extends length of stay for guests
  • Attract guests from nearby resorts to your indoor waterpark

Travel market focus has shifted from airplanes to cars, away from far-off feeder markets to drive-to regional resorts. This backyard, waterpark industry, market has traditionally withstood changes in the economy. Now hotels with indoor waterparks can take advantage of this significant benefit.