Aquatic Therapy

The healing power of water

Anyone who provides physical therapy and manages accessibility programs knows that water is the ideal medium for exercise and rehabilitation.  A water environment allows people at any level of physical ability to reap the benefits of needed physical therapy by allowing increased movement in a buoyant environment, which reduces impact and stress.

As more patients and doctors turn to utilizing aquatic therapy, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics are engaging Aquatic Development Group to create functional and versatile aquatic therapy pools. Our movable floor system provides variable depth programming capability to handle different patient needs.

Aquatic Development Group Therapy pools are manufactured to the individual requirements of you and your team and are constructed using 304L stainless steel and slip resistant PVC, to ensure long life and low maintenance. Standard pool sizes are also available as a complete turnkey option. Aquatic Development Group’s therapy pool offers a variety of customizable features and options, including:

  • Aquatic TherapyMulti-Level Floor - The entire floor can be fully adjusted to any water depth making variable buoyancy training easy, safe and efficient. Full control of the floor’s depth is managed and controlled with a wireless command unit, providing the ability to assist patients enter, exit or exercise in the pool at the same time as lowering or raising the floor.
  • EZ View Windows – A clear viewing-window may be positioned on the sidewall of the pool allows for video monitoring of patient performance from below the water line.
  • Exercise Bars -A removable set of stainless steel support bars provides ample support of your patient at any water depth.
  • Treadmill – The removable treadmill allows for a wide range of exercises. It’s designed to be impervious to chemically treated heated water, and can be adjusted to various speeds.
  • Cluster Therapy Jets – Positioned according to your specific requirements, the variety of jets offer a soft and gentle massage for your patient.

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