Six Flags Great Escape Lodge

Lake George, NY

It’s 30 degrees in February and the ground is covered with snow in upstate NY, but it’s balmy 80 degrees and sunny inside White Water Bay!

White Water Bay, the indoor waterpark at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark is the result of yet another collaboration between ADG and Six Flags, Inc. The waterpark is housed within a 35,000 s.f. building, adjacent to a 200 room suite hotel, but the actual entertainment area is increased by the incorporation of a 5,000 s.f. mezzanine on which rests the entire interactive play structure. As such the activity area becomes closer to 40,000 s.f.

The waterpark, like the lodge itself, boasts an Adirondack theme reflective of the region which includes a large wooden beam trussed ceiling and walls adorned with items reminiscent of a great Adirondack campground such as canoes, fishing rods, paddles etc. There is plenty of realistic rockscape cleverly incorporated within the water features in addition to the main support columns for the buildings being disguised as soaring tree trunks.

great-escapeAmenities include a 4-person family raft ride and two 54-inch tube slides. ADG designed and built a 450 foot zero entry adventure river complete with waterfalls, grottos and a 3.5 foot deep 2,000 s.f. activity pool.One of the most popular attractions is the FlowRider stationary wave surf system. Located below the balcony off the main level bar, the attraction is uniquely positioned to provide high visibility to patrons enjoying drinks, or a light meal in addition to those who just want a great view of the fun below. Young and old alike line up to try their skills at body boarding and doing tricks on this high throughput attraction.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the waterpark is the building itself. About 50% of the roof incorporates Texlon transparent roofing material which allows natural light to flood the space during operation. This unique roofing system allows 75% of UV rays to pass through permitting plant growth and tanning of guests while inside!