FlowRider® Overview

Aquatic Development Group is the exclusive N. American distributor of FlowRiders.

We receive a large number of inquiries and have summarized the most frequently requested information below.

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Pricing and project budgeting guidelines

The purchase price for a FlowRider is $625K USD for a single and $825K USD for a double.

Total project budgets (including the cost for the FlowRider) range from $750K-$850K for a single and $950K to $1.2M for a double.  Project budgets include the FlowRider installation, construction of the concrete containment tank, queuing ramps, typical recirculation and water treatment systems, and limited decking.  These costs do not include the construction of a mechanical equipment room, fencing or barriers, or the relocation of primary electrical service. The tank construction, excavation, plumbing, electrical, concrete and associated work is by other contractors according to specifications supplied by ADG.

Evolution of the sport of flowboarding:  skill vs. thrill

Unlike most thrill-based attractions, the FlowRider brings repeat customers who become faithfully dedicated to honing their skills.  There are 10 million flowboarders worldwide and growing.  Flowboarding is a sanctioned sport complete with major national and international sponsorships, organized competitions, leagues, the Flow Tour Series and Flow Clinics.

The spectator allure of rapidly moving water and the excitement of watching riders makes it the perfect anchor for revenues from food and beverage, retail products, sponsorships, and corporate and competitive events.  Flowboarding is growing fast – over 120 installations in 38 countries and 5 cruise ships, with more added every day!

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