Proper Planning Can Control Waterpark Construction Costs

Comprehensive Planning for Success

Before pencil is ever put to paper, a comprehensive design program is developed. ADG will work in concert with your team, to develop a design program that addresses your project’s entertainment value, theme, capacity and budget goals. We’ll explore your waterpark management philosophy, as well as critical issues such as security, cash handling, rental and retail opportunities, and menu planning. Plans for future expansion will be also addressed.

Infrastructure and Landscape Review

The next step in the planning process is to make sure your existing or proposed site can work in concert with the established operational goals of the park or expansion. Our designers will review the site and work with the land contour and vistas to ensure a perfect fit with the existing surroundings. During this process, ADG will examine existing site infrastructure and provide a thorough review of all agency requirements. Identifying these issues early in the process will help avoid costly overruns and delays later on.

Design Cost and Design Schedule Creation

ADG will establish project costs and schedules to assist in developing a real operating budget that respects the project’s goals and requirements. This planning process will maximize your project’s potential while developing the greatest entertainment impact and value possible. The planning pforcess also helps to create a design development schedule (sort of a framework for the design and construction process) to help keep the design and construction process on track and on time.

Design Development Package

The end result of the planning process is the creation of Design Development Package that further establishes your project’s architectural plan, them, size and scope. This Design Development Package will insure that not only will the design be creative and work on all levels, but that creation of the design itself and the implementation of the design are delivered efficiently and on time.

Planning Process