Waterpark Design & Construction Services

Aquatic Development Group, Inc. (ADG) is the world’s most respected name in waterpark design, water park construction, and aquatic equipment manufacturing. With products that set industry standards and comprehensive services including waterpark planning, waterpark design and waterpark construction, we offer our clients a complete solution for their waterpark project needs. No other company can deliver a waterpark project from concept to completion, like ADG can. Click here to download the ADG Project Services Brochure.

The Leader in Water Park Design and Water Park Construction

For nearly half a century, the ADG has undergone a steady evolution from the country’s largest commercial pool contractor to an international corporation offering the most comprehensive and unique range of aquatic services and products in the industry. Today, ADG continues to drive creativity, innovation and functionality in the water park design and water park construction industries with comprehensive planning, imaginative designs and quality construction.

The Next Wave in Water Park Design and Aquatic Development

Whether you are building a traditional outdoor waterpark or the latest indoor resort facility, ADG products and fast-track project approach provides clients with an unparalleled commitment and ability to achieve project success, on time and on budget. We understand that every waterpark project deserves a custom approach and we have a full range of services and products to meet every aquatic design need.

Master Planning – The Key To Success

The success of any project begins with careful planning with an experienced team. Even before you decide on the project delivery method, ADG will work with you to plan a design program that suits your needs. Our unique approach provides the information and deliverables necessary for you to make key decisions about your project. This approach then allows you the flexibility to continue with one of our project delivery options or pursue another course-it’s your choice.

Aquatic Project Delivery Options

There are two basic ways that most companies engage Aquatic Development Group–either on a Design/Build or Design/Supply basis.

  • Design/Build: Based on the master plan generated, ADG will prepare a proposal to design and build your Waterpark project; just the aquatic features or a custom scope that suits your needs. This type of relationship offers the lowest risk to you by providing a fixed cost and schedule.
  • Design/Supply: Many owners have in-house construction and construction management services. That’s why we offer our design/supply option–providing design expertise and aquatic equipment that gives your team the time to manage the project.

Learn more about these services and how to combine the best elements of each to suit your project requirements:

Quality Delivery

Whether you’re interested in the design and construction of your entire waterpark, just the aquatic features, aquatic equipment or a custom expansion, ADG is flexible enough to work with you. From concept to completion, Aquatic Development Group partners with you to create the finest waterpark possible.

First Hand Experience

Our Planning Program is more than a pretty picture, it benefits from discussions with your team on staffing, operations, future expansions and desired feature mix, all tempered by our history in the aquatics industry and experience working closely with our extensive client base. In fact, Aquatic Development Group continually updates our operational experience through ongoing partnerships with some of the best-known waterparks in the United States. We can even arrange to get you behind the scenes with some of our waterpark partners for a first hand look at successful waterpark operations. The goal is to get you actionable information to help you make critical decisions regarding your project BEFORE you have to make large financial commitments to your project.

All Aquatic Designs – Under One Roof

ADG is vertically integrated, offering a broad range of services included in our Planning, Design and construction services, including aquatic system design, aquatic engineering, aquatic construction, aquatic architecture all as part of our standard waterpark architecture packages. Whether you are looking to build a commercial pool or a 50-acre outdoor waterpark, ADG has the capability and experience to ensure a quality project, delivered on time and on budget.