WaveTek Wave Generation Systems

The undisputed leaders in wave generation technology and wave pool design and construction

WavetekWhen you work with WaveTek, you are working with the best in the business. We’ve installed 90% of all wave systems in the U.S. and have over 400 installations worldwide.

Game changing innovation

Since 1968, WaveTek has continued to introduce new technology and numerous design and manufacturing innovations that have become industry standards:

  • Stainless steel construction – making waves is tough on equipment. Ours is built stronger to last longer and it does; ask our customers.

  • Lazy and action river wave systems – we were first.

  • Bigger roller waves – our staggered caisson technology produces larger waves with less horsepower.

  • Variable wave patterns provide a variety of wave types in a single pool.

  • “Double break” floor – breaks and holds waves so more of the pool can be used by your guests.

  • Remote equipment – we can place wave systems up to 100 ft. from the pool, broadly expanding design possibilities.

As expert wave pool equipment manufacturering and construction pros with a staff of designers and engineers, we can confidently say that if you can dream it we can build it. Whether it is a waterpark’s wave pool, action river, or a “storm at sea” for military training or motion picture production, WaveTek systems make it happen.  The WaveTek program is adaptable to your specific projects and needs:

  • Project Consultation
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Supervision
  • Customer Service

WaveTek waves come in all shapes and sizes

We create wave systems to match your requirements for virtually any application.

  • Splash lagoons – zero-depth, splash play

  • Recreational waves – wave and beach pools

  • River applications – action and lazy rivers

  • High performance – wave pools and surf pools

Specialty Waves – more experience than all our competitors combined

Froom zoos, aquariums and display water to high tech wave systems for major motion picture production, if you can dream it, we can make it happen. You can see our waves in headlining films including Master and Commander and The Guardian and at premier aquariums including Sea World, Georgia Aquarium and Long Beach.

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