FlowRider Surfing Wave Machine


Aquatic Development Group is the exclusive North American Distributor of FlowRider surf simulator machines

FlowRider Surfing Wave Machines have been known to easily increase park attendance and add to your revenue with the simple addition of the surfing simulator to your existing indoor or outdoor aquatic attractions. The compact footprint makes this surfing machine a perfect match for year round revenue generation.


Extremely Popular Surf Wave Machines

FlowRider surf simulators have a proven track record in drawing the desirable but often challenging 13 – 21 year old demographic. Based on the huge increases in youth and young adult “board sports” demand and popularity, FlowRider surf machines allow park attendees to use facilities for fun, improve their skills and ready for competition.

Exciting New Technology

The FlowRider surf wave machine is a self-contained and compact breakthrough in sheet wave technology, which generates a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. The resulting wave-like shape permits riders to slide down, carve a turn, and ride up the wave surface, emulating the maneuvers of other board sports.

FlowRider Surf Makers; the Municipal Solution

Enhance your aquatic facility with the added revenue this surf wave machine will bring, subsidize the cost of your traditional competition pool as well as provide additional aquatic services to the local community.

Multi Uses for Surf Wave Machines

FlowRider surf machines and wave makers can also be used for a variety of aquatic water park attractions:

  • Can also power a high-capacity lazy river
  • Use to power a water slide with a flow five times greater than a conventional water slide
  • Turn a lazy river into an Action River with an approximate capacity of 1,000 riders per hour.

Plus, whether your aquatic facility benefits from the single or double FlowRider package, both come with everything you need, including body boards. All you need to do is add the lifeguard!

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