ETS UV Water Treatment

Significantly improve air and water quality while reducing maintenance costs

ETS™ range of UV treatment systems vastly improve aquatic environments by improving water and air quality.  The result is a dramatic improvement in atmosphere, health and safety of the facility.  ETS systems are easy to install, simple to operate and used in hundreds of aquatic environments worldwide including:  swimming pools, water parks, spas, hydro pools, interactive water features & splash pads.

Benefits of ultraviolet treatment technology:

  • Dramatically improves air quality, reducing asthma and other irritations of the lungs and eyes
  • Significantly improves water quality and clarity
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant micro-organisms like Cryptosporidium
  • Breaks down choloramines and other organics
  • Cannot be overdosed, fully automatic and programmable
  • Reduces combined chlorine levels and need for “shock” treaments

Read how ETS Ultraviolet Water Treatment has helped the Aquatics Program at Gloucester Institute of Technology here.

Download ETS brochure for Pools, Spas & Recreational markets

Download Technical Facts Brochure for pools, water parks, municipal aquatic facilities, spas and splash pads.