Get Up and Running Faster with ADG IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | October 16, 2018

ADG has a long history of executing on-time projects, and our clients rely on hitting an opening date that allows them to capture key revenue opportunities. From the start, your Mountain Coaster or Slide project will be anchored by a project schedule that targets key milestones along the way.

While it is up to you to manage your employees and contractors, ADG helps you keep an eye on the total project execution. Combining your on-mountain know-how with our on-site ADG installation instructor and home office project manager, you can be assured of a timely project schedule.

The Mountain Coaster and Slide are manufactured exclusively by ADG in the United States, and employ proprietary, industry-leading safety features that protect guests and the profitability of your investment. Backed by ADG’s unrivaled expertise as an innovator with over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, your project will be completed on schedule and on budget.

To simplify on-mountain assembly and ensure quality control, ADG prefabricates its coaster track system in-house eliminating the need for on-site welding. Our unique modular design allows for fast and accurate installation with less site disturbance and the ability to get “above the snow.”

The ADG Mountain Coaster adapts easily to changing weather conditions. Our wet/dry control system and adjustable telescoping ground supports allow for future adjustability, compensating for minor ground movements such as those caused by frost heave.

With ADG Mountain Coaster and Slide pre-fabricated track systems, our install process is more versatile and simpler than the competition. Our flexible design and our 100% Made-in-America in-house manufacturing system, means less time spent working on your mountain – which means only ADG can get you up and running faster to make sure you capture the key revenue generating summer season.

See what top mountain resorts around the country, like Killington, Copper Mountain, and Camelback Resort are saying about ADG Mountainsides. Download the “Get Up and Running Faster Case Study Booklet” today!

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