Equipment & Service

For more than 50 years the Wave Generation Specialists at ADG have consistently introduced the new technologies and design innovations that have quickly become the industry standards. We’ve installed 90% of the wave systems in use throughout North America using our exclusive WaveTekTM technology and our wave generation systems are installed in over 500 facilities worldwide.

Wavetek GeneratorsManufactured to Perform

As designers, engineers, manufacturers and builders of the world’s top wave systems we understand how a project should best be developed for optimum effect and efficiency from concept through to completion.  Our innovative research and state of the art advancements in equipment design continues to move the industry standard forward with many first-of-their-kind systems that meet the demands for any project requiring waves and water motion technology

Making waves is tough on equipment. Our stainless steel construction is built stronger to last longer. And because we manufacture all of our own wave equipment, we can ensure excellent quality control and on-time delivery.  Our experience translates to profitability for our clients as our waves, and the equipment that powers them, are built to entertain and built to last.  No other company in the industry provides the quality material, support and expertise like ADG.

ADG Wavetek Wavepool Wave Generation

Partnership in Development

We take a collaborative approach to achieving truly superior waves for every application.  As your partner, we’ll stay true to your vision, providing you with options and considerations for cost effectively improving the value and versatility of your wave system investment.

24/7 System Support.  Because your attraction, whether it’s a wave pool, aquarium or specialty feature, demands 100% system performance, our team of expert technicians are available to you 365 days a year for on-site visits or phone consultations for technical support.

Parts & Supplies.  We stock a complete line of wave system parts to ensure maximum up-time efficiency.

Engineering Assistance.  Included with every project are detailed CAD drawings that define design, equipment layout and requirements for all trades involved in the successful installation of your equipment.

Project Consultation & Supervision. 

Our technicians will work with you at any stage in your project.  From designing and building the entire project to providing input on plans, designs and budgets, we will provide you with the options you need to successfully meet your project goals.

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