From the leading water park ride manufacturer and company that perfected the wave in wave pool, ADG is redefining the ride experience with a line of innovative Water Rides designed to get guests off the lines and into the water.

ADG Custom Water Rides

Differentiate & Excite with a One-of-a-Kind Water Ride Attraction

ADG Water Rides are the only all-inclusive solutions to designing and building the optimal water ride attractions that get your guests off the line and into the water for the ultimate waterpark experience.

From boogie boarding surf rides and tidal rivers, to skill based adventure rides and specialty wave pools, each ADG Water Ride is custom designed and packaged to your specific venue and creates a unique park experience where your guests will want to stay, play, and spend the day away!

ADG Water Rides are carefully thought out and developed to appeal to core demographic groups and provide high capacity & fast throughput.  They make the perfect water ride addition for renovations and expansions to existing water parks and dry amusement parks, and create the ideal setting for small-footprint water park venues, campgrounds, resorts and more.

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Maximize Capacity & Rider Throughput

boogie boarding surf imageFrom recreational family fun to high action and skill based ride components, each ADG Water Ride targets multiple demographics with an attraction designed for a better overall experience. Innovative launch portals, wave pool entries, and multiple egress and exit ports are incorporated into the designs to maximize rider throughput and increase both active and passive capacity.

Expand Capacity & Revenue Potential

flowrider cove water rideRevenue opportunities are not “add-ons” but a natural extension of the ride.  Applying our InDepthTM design approach we consider each and every element in the guest experience with creative layouts that maximize capacity potential through optimal deck layouts with space for cabanas, food & beverage, retail and event space all customized to your specific property layout and operational needs.

ADG Water Rides provide the opportunity to build in phases or all at once.  Slides, playground structures and active play areas are incorporated into the initial design to make expansion options easily obtainable and operational.

Take the Guess Work out of Estimates

There’s more to a ride than just fiberglass!  Only ADG Water Rides are 100% designed and built by your ride supplier.  That means you know up-front exactly what your new attraction will cost.

Every aspect of your project, from concrete foundations to mechanical engineering and deck layouts, are accounted for and managed by ADG’s experienced on-site Project Managers. No risk – no guess work – complete transparency in actual project cost.


Breaker Beach

Endless action boogie boarding pool with near limitless capacity

Tidal River

Wave pool and action river combine to bring guests more

Adventure Lagoon

Skill based and interactive play for complete family appeal

Twin Tides

Unique dual entry wave pool that doubles guest capacity

Surf Cove

EpicSurf® and wave pool in one incredible attraction

Mini Harbour

Kid-sized wave pool attraction for the perfect family destination

Rumba Rapids

Fast action swim river with multiple water experiences

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