Texlon® Transparent Roofing

The destination experience your guests are looking for, all under one amazing roof (Sunglasses Suggested!)

Outside there may be snow but inside the sun is warm, tropical plants are blooming, the water beckons, and the fun is contagious. With ADG’s exclusive Texlon® ETFE Transparent Roofing systems, ADG creates four-season indoor waterpark environments that let you create the destination experience your guests are searching for, and returning for.

Enhance your Environment

When it comes to projects that shine, ADG turns to Texlon® ETFE, a transparent roofing material that combines exceptional light transmission and high thermal properties with the ability to span great distances, allowing our designers to create indoor waterparks of incredible lightness and elegance in virtually any size, shape and style. Fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated, our indoor waterparks can be themed to fit the style of your resort and enhance your brand.

Perfect for hotels, ski resorts and other aquatic centers, Texlon® ETFE systems transmit a large amount of UV light, allowing for natural tanning, even in the dead of winter, as well as ideal growing conditions for plant life. The system is also acoustically tuned, allowing the sounds of active play to escape, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for guests.

Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly

ADG designs its projects with Texlon® because it adds light and brightness to every project while providing outstanding thermal properties that can yield lower costs. Texlon’s® exceptional light transmission, UV transparency and solar shading meets or exceeds all energy codes and offers ecologically friendly energy efficiency, resulting in lower maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Year Round Revenue Stream

ADG offers recreation, amusement and hospitality industries a flexible and customized approach to increasing your market base and growing your bottom line. With more than 50 years of experience and our flexible InDepthTM approach to indoor waterpark design and construction, we can deliver a revenue-generating attraction from concept to completion like no other company in the industry.

Call ADG today at 800-458-9283 and discover how you can increase revenue from a destination designed to draw crowds year round. Download the Transparent Roofing Systems Palm Card here.

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