Authorized Parts & Service Provider

The expert technicians at ADG bring more than 50 years of experience to provide exceptional service and support to our clients.

Mountainsides Service & Support

Only ADG offers authorized parts and services for all of our Mountain coaster and alpine slide products. Whether ordering replacement parts, scheduling onsite service, or in need of some long-distance troubleshooting, our experience in manufacturing, building, and installing mountain coasters and slides is unsurpassed in the industry.  Whatever your need, an ADG Service Technician is on hand to get you what you need to keep you up and running 365-days a year.


Mountain Coaster Parts & Supplies

Keep your Mountain Coaster running in top shape 365 days a year.  A complete inventory of parts is available to help keep your ride running smoothly and efficiently.  Guarantee the operation and safety of your ride with seasonal track inspections and avoid down-time by keeping an updated inventory of parts on hand.

Three mountain coaster carts on the track

CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A SERVICE CALL OR PLACE AN ORDER TODAY  service@aquaticgroup.com  |  1-518-783-0038 ext 249

  • Coaster Track Sections
  • Coaster Carts & Parts

Alpine Slide Tracks & Sleds

Refurbish your existing Alpine Mountain Slide with updated track sections and our newly updated sleds to give a fresh look and safety upgrade to this classic ride!  Keep your ride running smoothly and safely for your guests.  Track pieces are available in all sections and quantities.

Young girl riding down the alpine slide with her arm up


CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A SERVICE CALL OR PLACE AN ORDER TODAY  service@aquaticgroup.com  |  1-518-783-0038 ext249

  • Alpine Track Sections
  • Alpine Sleds & Parts
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