With our respected corporate foundation forged in product design and manufacturing more than 50 years ago, ADG expanded its line of mountainside products in 2012 with innovations in passenger safety and ride technology that have quickly made their mark on mountains across North America. Rated #1 for guest excitement and safety, ADG’s Mountainside attractions are designed to provide a better ride, better ROI, and a better overall experience. See which Mountains are choosing ADG to design and built their Mountainside attractions. 

ADG Mountainsides: Featured Projects

cliffside lake placid mountain coaster

U.S. Olympic Venue Mountain Coaster – NOW OPEN! 

The Cliffside Coaster opened at Lake Placid U.S. Olympic Venue in October 2020. At 7,000 ft long, it takes the title of the longest mountain coaster in North America and travels alongside the 1980 Olympic bobsled track. One of the most noteworthy features of the ADG Mountain Coaster includes A TIMED ON-BOARD AUDIO SYSTEM that allows visitors to experience what it was like to be an Olympic bobsledder during the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid.


alpine mountain coaster at purgatory mountain colorado

Purgatory Mountain Coaster 

The Inferno Mountain Coaster at Purgatory Mountain Resort is the only attraction of its kind in Southwest Colorado. The mountain coaster is 4,000 feet long with a 300 vertical drop and features nine switchbacks and one 360 degree loop. Individual carts can go as fast as 25 miles per hour and the track rises up to as high as 40 feet in the air in some areas.

Copper Mountain Coaster 

Copper Mountain chose ADG’s Mountain Coaster to join the list of offerings at the popular Colorado Ski Resort. This mountain coaster is one of the longest alpine coasters in North America featuring a scenic ascent and a thrilling descent of twists & turns through the high-alpine forest. Opened on time (total project time 5 months) and on budget, to hundreds of guests of all ages. Download the case study.

Branson Mountain Coaster 

Branson Mountain wanted an innovative ride as the introductory attraction to their new Adventure Park. They chose ADG’s Mountain Coaster as the ride that would best maximize ROI and utilize property terrain. The Mountain Coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park has resulted in consistent rider satisfaction amongst a large demographic range and has seen great success.  Download the case study.

Killington Mountain Coaster 

Killington Resort wanted to install a mountain coaster to positively impact the Mountain’s brand experience and summer ROI. ADG was chosen to build a world class coaster attraction to anchor their summer operations expansion and develop a plan to operate within existing infrastructure. The Killington Mountain Coaster exceeded expectations – over 20,000 rides in the first 6 weeks!  Download the case study.

Berkshire East Mountain Coaster

Berkshire East wanted to build an attraction that would set their mountain apart from the competition, attract key demographic groups including families, teens and young adults, offer appeal to the entire family, compliment their existing array of summer activities and be able to operate year round to generate additional revenue. The Mountain Coaster at Berkshire East set the bar for excellence within the industry. Download the case study.


Camelback Mountain Coaster

Camelback Mountain Adventures, as part of a $3 million expansion, decided to build the first ever Mountain Coaster in PA. ADG utilized the mountain’s vistas and topography to best advantage and maximized ROI. The addition of the Mountain Coaster resulted in immediate gains in revenue and has become a key marketable attraction enticing first time visitors and increasing repeat visitations. Download the case study.


Camelback Mountain Slide

Camelback Mountain Adventure Park wanted to bring back an innovative take on an iconic Mountainside attraction, the alpine slide. ADG was able to build the slide to fit within the current infrastructure, minimizing building costs and maximizing ROI with the ever exciting, and newly improved, Mountain Slide. ADG’s alpine slide has resulted in immediate gains in revenue and has become a popular part of package bundles. Download the case study.

Jiminy Peak Mountain Slide

Jiminy Peak received a lot of publicity for the addition of the new ADG alpine slide, summertime attraction at their Mountain Adventure Park as well as great feedback from guests.  The Mountain Slide has generated substantial revenue intake, as well as the “year round” appeal with the addition of its summer activities. Download the case study.




camelbeach mountain water park

Camelbeach Waterpark

In the late 90’s, Camelback Ski Mountain’s existing base of summer activities consisted of a swimming pool, alpine slide, simple water slides and mini golf. The new owners of Camelback, wanting to take it up a notch and make Camelback a true summer destination, formed a partnership with ADG to help them achieve their vision of designing and building an outdoor waterpark utilizing existing infrastructure, within a 4 month time frame and design for future expansion opportunities. Download the case study




jay peak mountain water park

Jay Peak Indoor Waterpark

In order to draw guests from outside their market base and fill rooms year round, Jay Peak needed to find a way to diversify their offerings and become a true resort destination. To do this, they partnered with ADG to design and build an indoor waterpark, to cement Jay Peak’s reputation as a 365-day destination and to create attractions that enhance the brand and extend guest expectations. Download the case study


indoor water park at a mountain resort

Silver Mountain Indoor Waterpark

A popular ski destination for over 40 years, the owners of Silver Rapids wanted to expand on their seasonal reputation and become a year-round adventure destination. When they decided to build the “first of its kind” indoor waterpark in the Western U.S., they turned to the experts at ADG to engineer and construct the park within a 40,000 sf space, incorporating existing “Mountain Lodge” themes into the park and enhancing their marketability as a 4-season destination resort. Download the case study



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