The Challenge

Zoo de Granby was a small municipal zoo looking to add activity in order to expand visitation and increase length of stay and in-park spending. To achieve these goals, ADG was contracted to build Amazoo Waterpark:

  • Design & build a five acre waterpark catering to its key market of children under age 10.
  • Design & supply all required equipment and filtration systems.

The Solution

ADG designed a combination of key waterpark attractions to fit within the compact 5-acre footprint. Highlights include a 25,000sqft wave pool, 1,050ft Adventure Wave River and a 9,000sqft activity pool for kids.

ADG also provided Zoo de Granby with full waterpark construction drawings consisting of shells and mechanicals, wave equipment, filtration systems and additional necessary equipment.

The Result

ADG met their challenge, providing a full day of activities in a waterpark that caters to families with young children for a full day of enjoyment. Amazoo exceeded expectations driving an influx in attendance rates and resulting in increased in-park spending. The success of Amazoo led to an expansion which nearly doubled the guest capacity for the waterpark.


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