Zoo & Aquarium

The Challenge

To design and supply wave equipment water motion technology, to power fountains, aquatic displays and sea life exhibits for some of the nation’s top zoos and aquariums in the United States including Sea World, Shedd Aquarium and Georgia Aquarium.

Aquarium Exhibit

The Solution

ADG’s water motion consultants assist owners and designers in bringing their aquatic displays to life. From waves crashing on a rocky shoreline in penguin habitats, to gentle, continuous movement in kelp and sea life exhibits, ADG’s wave generation and water motion technology systems can create a realistic aquatic environment in virtually any setting.

Penguin Exhibit

The Result

Download the case study booklet to see how ADG provided Sea World, Shedd Aquarium and Georgia Aquarium with the tools they needed to bring their aquariums to life.

Coral aquatic exhibit

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