Monon Community Center

The Challenge

The Monon Community Center provided a wide variety of recreational options to their local residents including summer camps, camping, water slides, skate parks and more. They were seeking to add an attraction that would provide a strong teen appeal, a venue for community events and an attraction that would generate marketing appeal.

Monon Community Center FlowRider

The Solution

Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation the first to install the FlowRider® Surf Simulator in the state of IN. As a skill based ride, the FlowRider® was the perfect solution to generating regular usage among the young adult residents in the community. And as the only surf venue in the state, it brought a unique point of differentiation to marketing the town and their recreational program. Through the existing network of FlowRider’s® FLOWTour and by creating unique events to target special needs groups, Carmel Clay was able to create programs and events designed to reach all residents and generate PR for their community.

Monon Community Center FlowRider

The Result

With the opening of the FlowRider®, the Community Center experienced an all-time high seasonal rate of attendanve of 14,000 guests. Carmel Clay also launched the first ever FlowRider adaptive division, a program designed to create awareness for special needs athletes in their community, as well as across the country. The park also became a stop on FlowRider’s® national FLOW Tour, which not only brought national attention to their town with “surfing in Indiana”, but also had local residents showing up to daily practice on the FlowRider®.

Monon Community Center FlowRider

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